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Dan HanleyDan Hanley has steadily applied his creative abilities over many years as a designer and builder of homes and residential communities.  In recent years, he turned his full attention to his life-long interest in painting; an interest he has kept alive and active for some 40-years since he graduated college with a degree in art & business administration.  Before entering the design business, he taught studio arts,  humanities and theater craft.  His open stage theater design work has been the subject of study in both the US and in England.  His paintings and home designs have received several professional awards.

Born in Clarksville, Tennessee, Hanley lived what he calls a "Tom Sawyer" boyhood in his parent's home near the beautiful Cumberland River.  He often draws from this background for his subjects: "... a neighborhood of ordinary folks, unaware that they were living extraordinary lives, in extraordinary times __ unwittingly heroic in their struggles to provide for families and build a community; making themselves matter".

Hanley's work is represented in many private and corporate collections.  His originals have brought prices in excess of $20,000.  While he is presently working to expand his body of paintings, he is publishing some of his early works in high quality Giclée prints.  He maintains a studio in his hometown of Clarksville.  He and his wife, Jodie, have a married daughter, Kerri Lusso, a registered nurse in Greenwood, Mississippi.  Hanley serves on Clarksville's Public Arts Commission and works regularly in support of the Clarksville - Montgomery County Customs House & Museum.  Following a devastating tornado that struck Clarksville in 1999, he served on the Mayor's Recovery Task Force, chairing the Design Review Board and the Design Standards Development Committee.

"I've given up trying to define art ... it eludes definition. I just hope that some of my work speaks to the truth of things; the things I paint __ the time and place in which these things are set. And then it might be that I simply like to create pictures. I feel uneasy when I'm not doing that."

Dan Hanley
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