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Under One Sky


This historical panorama is rendered on 4 canvas panels set in a single frame. Each panel depicts the landscape that lies to the North, South, East and West of the new F & M Bank Building in Clarksville, Tennessee.

  • Acrylic Polymer

  • Size: 96” x 48” approx.

  • Private Collection of the F & M Bank / Clarksville, Tennessee

  • Artist is available for other corporate commissions

  • Special Commission - Not in Publication

Under One Sky addresses the panorama that is Clarksville’s history, beginning with the Valentine Sevier Station near Red Paint Hill and ending, in this particular work, with the establishment of the city as a viable social and economic center of activity in the Middle Tennessee Region during the 19th Century.

The overall flatness of the ground planes is intentional - the vastness of time makes even the most cataclysmic events in history  mere “bumps along the way” when measured against time in its fullest context.

The buildings are presented as small objects in a vast landscape. This is especially true of Sevier Station, a lonely settlement and the site of great loss to the Sevier family… their blood was shed there.

Clarksville’s earliest settlement was to the North of the F & M Bank Building. To the East the early churches were clustered.  The residential neighborhood of Dog Hill was built on the upward slopes to the South.  Many of the commercial & Governmental buildings occupied the West side of the Town Square.  The F & M Bank Building occupies the ground where once stood the Franklin House Hotel, circa 1842. The somewhat surreal quality of the landscape is reminiscent of the hypothetical realism of  William Dunlap… “Look at it, think about it” he advises viewers of art.

I believe most serious art contains certain aspects not fully understood by the artist or the audience… elements that give rise to thinking beyond the visual. Certainly there are parts of this work I do not understand - if I did I would be inclined to share that understanding.

It is a privilege to have done this work for F & M Bank and for our community.


Dan Hanley


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