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Christmas Eve on Front Street
Christmas Eve on Front Street
18 x 20 22 x 17 $50
Shipped 10-14 days from time of order.

Just as I did, my father and my grandfather grew up in the shadow of the great smoke stack of Clarksville's old waterworks on Front Street, which meanders along the Cumberland River. This painting was the last of several that I did for my Dad for his Christmas birthdays. I knew this would be the last birthday painting I would do for him. We lost him a few months after he hung this scene in his home, from which he could see the waterworks smoke stack. In this snowy setting, a man and his young son walk in new snow, toward home __ and Christmas. My Dad made this same trek many times with his father. I think of them here ... walking into eternity.

Hand-signed & Numbered.
This limited edition of 500 is nearing sell out!
100% Cotton Stock

Original Painting - Collection of Dan & Jodie Hanley

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